HandMade Mobile

Doppelgames is an alternative game developer focusing on mobile social games and interactive storytelling.  In a world of connected devices, there is great opportunity to customize entertainment directly to its user.  The company is developing a suite of tools for creating, publishing and distributing a new category of entertainment called Live Stories.  Live Stories combine video, audio, images and text into a story that is customized to each user based on a GPS location, Facebook data and augmented-reality.  The platform provides an intuitive GUI for content providers, studios and brands to create Live Stories and other interactive games.

Doppelgames was acquired in February 2012 by Handmade Mobile.

Handmade Mobile Entertainment provides celebrities and brands with their own social network, the artistic freedom to create posts comprised of video, audio, photo and text, and the power to control how fans view that content. The result is a social network that generates revenue, deepens engagement, and encourages fans to grow the audience.