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B5Media is a leading global lifestyle publisher that facilitates authentic dialogue between our editors and dedicated users.

B5Media is a leading lifestyle media network and publisher of engaging, innovative women’s sites covering fashion, beauty, wellness, career, relationships, parenting and entertainment. In a digital space filled with overlapping voices and opinions, B5Media is set apart by our honesty, intelligence and focus on relatable content for real women.

B5Media topples the traditional ideals of lady magazines and women’s lifestyle content. Each B5Media site has an editorial team that reports and writes compelling, original content every day. But it’s not a one way street in the old media tradition; our readers inspire us, inform us, make us laugh and challenge our opinions in real time.

As a company, B5Media is young, nimble and hard-working. Our sites reach millions of women every month who represent a strong demographic of smart, engaged, loyal female consumers.

B5 Media was acquired by Alloy Digital in 2012.